There is nothing wrong with needing help sometimes to get through our struggles and asking those we trust for assistance and support. However, when we do something on our own, even if it’s difficult, we feel a level of accomplishment that usually falls nothing short of amazing.

Take this morning, for example. I did something that I usually struggle with all on my own without any help. While there were points where I got anxious, I asked God to help me get through what I was going through and I believed in myself. Eventually, I got what I needed to get done, done.

What did this help show me? This helped show me that even through experiencing anxiety, I do have the strength and ability to get through these stressful times. Now, am I saying this means that I’ll never ask for help from others again? No.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to never need assistance again when it comes to dealing with my anxiety. To be honest, I wish I didn’t struggle with irrational anxiety and fears ever again. However, I know that getting through anxiety is a process and often one that’s longer than one wishes. My point is though that we do have the strength to get through this and eventually, if we keep trying our hardest, we will!

We need to show ourselves that we can get through our times of stress. If we need to ask help of those we trust, that’s fine, as long as we remember that our ultimate goal is to become more independent and count on ourselves to get through our fears.

*I ask that everyone please remember to thank those in your lives who are supportive and help you in your journey to be free from whatever negativity holds you back. There are so many individuals out there who struggle to find people who are supportive and we should be grateful for all those in our lives who are. I want to thank my family and friends who support me, including all of you here who read my blog! Please feel free to read the poem Kim and I wrote about invisible friends (friends that we never meet, but still mean the world to us!).





2 Replies to “Satisfaction”

  1. You always amaze me with your resiliency and the gift you share with this world. I am so happy we’ve become friends and thank you again for joining with me to create our lovely gift of invisible friends. Peace and blessings to you dear B. Kim

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