Celebrate Success!

I’m really proud of myself! This morning I did something that I haven’t done in a while due to my anxiety, and not only did I get through it, but I did wonderfully! It feels so amazing to have made progress and to have succeeded at something so important to me. Every step towards success is important, whether it be big or small, but when you get something done that you’ve had trouble with for a while, it feels even more amazing!

It’s important to celebrate our success and progress. We don’t necessarily have to go out and have a fancy dinner or buy ourselves something to celebrate our progress (although these are two great ideas!). What we need to do though is pat ourselves on the back and tell ourselves how well we did. We have to thank ourselves and if we’re religious, thank God for helping us succeed!

Why is it so essential to celebrate our success whether we feel it was a big step or small one? It’s important because we need to reinforce the importance of our efforts. Making progress is a huge deal and a huge step towards our ultimate goal: to free ourselves from what holds us back! No matter what others may say, every positive step counts and we have to be proud of ourselves for taking that step!

It is possible to succeed, to get through our struggles and over our obstacles. We just need to continue to try our hardest on a consistent basis, never give up, and celebrate our successes and progress in a healthy way! If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten where you want to be yet, don’t worry, you will get there if you continue to work hard!



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