I’d like to thank Mary from for the following Blog Award! Also, while I usually don’t answer the questions that go along with the nominations, Mary asked questions that aren’t too revealing so I will answer. First I’ll display the rules:


  • Thank your kind nominator
  • Proudly display the award image on you post and blog
  • Answer the 10 questions sent to you
  • Nominate 5 lovely blogs for the award and let them know by linking them to this post
  • Ask them 10 questions too!


  1. What is your first childhood memory?

– I don’t really have one in particular. I guess I’d just have to say spending time with my grandma and my family in general.

2.  What is the one thing you really want to do before you die?

– I want to get through my anxiety and become a writer.

3. If you could have a pocket sized pet, what animal would you choose? It could be any animal, just extremely small.

– If it was possible, a really tiny dog

4. What has been your biggest blogging setback?

– I really don’t have any.

5. Is there a point in your life that you wish you could put on repeat?

– No.

I’d like to nominate the following people/blogs:

1.) Mary (

2.) Elle (

3.) Izzy (

4.) Pippa (

5.) Becky (

Since this is a blog about anxiety, if anyone I nominated (or didn’t) wants to answer the following, here are my questions:

1.) What is the best advice you have for someone struggling with anxiety?

2.) What helps you get through anxious moments and days?

3.) What is the best quote you’ve heard/read for getting through anxiety?

4.) If any, what hobbies do you find helpful in helping you get your mind off of your anxiety?

5.) What exercises, if any, do you suggest for getting through anxiety?

6.) If you could write down one word to help someone who struggles with anxiety, what would that word be?

7.) For people who know someone struggling with anxiety, what do you think is the most important thing they should keep in mind?

8.) What is the number one thing you find hard about dealing with anxiety?

9.) What would you say is the best advice for someone who wants to begin a blog about anxiety?

10.) What do you enjoy best about writing a blog about/related to anxiety?

**Also, thank you to anyone who’s ever liked, followed, or commented positive comments on my blog!

2 Replies to “Thanks!”

  1. Thanks so much for the nomination! I won’t be answering the questions because I’m rubbish about anxiety atm but thanks!:) means so much my blog was thought of x

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