Things To Remember…

Whether or not you deal with anxiety, there are some things that I believe everybody should remember:

1.) People who suffer from anxiety are not disabled, we are just like everyone else. Just because we may not deal with certain situations as well as others or just because we may be more anxious than others at times, does not make us abnormal in any way. Please do not treat us differently. Instead, show us respect and if you can, be there for us.

2.) If you have suffered with anxiety in the past and have gotten through it, you have done something amazing. However, please remember that there are still other people out there who struggle. Just as you probably wanted people to help you in your time of need, others out there need support as well. Please try to be understanding, there was a point when you went through this too.

3.) Just because you may be a fellow sufferer from anxiety, does not mean you do not have something positive to share with others who struggle. Just letting others know that they are not alone can be helpful and trying your hardest to help them get through their fears is even better.

4.) If you find it hard to understand how someone can suffer from anxiety so much, that’s okay. Just because it’s hard for you to imagine though, does not mean you can’t be helpful or at least kind to those who do struggle.

5.) Chances are that if someone says they suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, depression, etc. that they do. Just because you don’t suffer from it or struggle with it, does not mean that others are making up that they deal with that issue. Anxiety is a real issue that is often times very difficult to get through.

6.) For those who struggle with anxiety and have people around them who care and offer support, remember to thank them. These people are wonderful and not everybody is willing to help.

**I would like to thank everybody that reads, posts, likes, and follows this blog. I would also like to thank my family and friends for helping me through my anxiety and being there for me. Also, I’d like to thank anyone who helps someone who suffers from anxiety or another issue.

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