Dealing With Anxiety

As a person who suffers from anxiety, I have come to learn that sometimes in life, we have to deal with our anxiety and try to work through it. In other words, we cannot always simply make it disappear or ignore it because sometimes, it has a strength over us that at the moment seems too hard to simply ignore or make vanish. Take this morning, for example. I was trying to do something and I became anxious, I needed to take a break. However, I didn’t ask for help and I didn’t quit. I knew what needed to be done and I slowly worked through it. Do I wish that I could have done the task with more ease and without anxiety? Of course! However, the fact of the matter is that I got anxious and I knew I had to work through it somehow…so I did.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, taking breaks is okay. Sometimes when we are dealing with anxiety, we need to rest and reassure ourselves that we can get through our struggles. We don’t always have to do everything at once. As long as we vow never to give up, we can get through our anxiety and overcome it. Also, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help from those you trust. Just remember that in the end, the goal is to trust yourself.

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