It’s Worth It

Sometimes we find that when we really want to do something and we think that it won’t be that hard, it ends up being slightly more difficult due to our anxiety. However, sometimes we still manage to get through it. Today I wanted to experiment with something and while it didn’t turn out exactly how I wanted, it was worth it. Why was it worth it? It was worth it because I faced my anxiety in order to try and accomplish something and you know what? I didn’t do so bad when it came to getting through my fears! Sure I had some help from a family member but I thought I would get so much more anxious than I actually did. Also, while the person who helped me wasn’t as kind as I would have hoped, I still managed to try my hardest to get through what I needed to.

Every day so far for the last four days, I’ve been trying to do things that I don’t usually do. I’ve found that trying these things and succeeding is a great way to prove to yourself that you can overcome your anxiety instead of letting it control you. The new thing you try each day doesn’t have to be something huge, it just has to be something that helps you practice get through your fears. Also, even if you don’t succeed, necessarily, you still tried! I wish you all the best!

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