Feeling Guilty

Chances are that if you struggle with anxiety, you’ve felt guilty at some point in your life. Whether you’ve felt guilty because you had trouble doing something you felt should have been simpler or because you’ve asked others to help you in your struggles, there have probably been many times when you have felt like you’ve done something wrong. Sometimes we are responsible for making ourselves feel guilty while other times, it is due to the words of others.

Unfortunately, the fact is that due to not everyone understanding what suffering with anxiety is like, it can lead to some people being less than kind. In fact, some people may even make rude comments and may even say that they are disappointed in you or disappointed in the situation that you are going through. However, we cannot always concentrate on pleasing others.

While we should try our hardest not to make others suffer due to our struggling with anxiety, it is not always too much to ask that those who love us try their hardest to help. However, we cannot expect everyone to be understanding and helpful. Sometimes we need to learn that just because someone may be disappointed in us does not mean that we should be disappointed in ourselves. As long as we try our hardest and try to help ourselves, we will be able to be proud of ourselves.

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