Anxiety: Research

Okay, so I will be doing a research paper on the subject of anxiety (along with other issues) that are labeled as “disabilities” in order for individuals to get accommodations in both work and school settings. Now, I understand that this blog is mostly a blog about our daily struggles and about any advice I have to offer, along with my experience, but I thought I would ask a few questions and see if you guys have any opinions. Part of my research paper is finding out how people feel about being labeled “disabled” just so they can get support. If you wish to take some time and give your opinions and thoughts, I would greatly appreciate it and if you wish for your thoughts to be anonymous in my research paper, please let me know and I will respect your wishes.

1.) Do you consider anxiety a disability? Why or why not?

2.) Have you ever had to have “documented proof” of having a disability even if you did not feel it was a disability just so you could receive help/support/accommodations? How did this make you feel?

3.) If you are a medical professional or are in charge of any disability services that grant accommodations, how do you feel about the policy of having to label people as “disabled” just to grant accommodations?

4.) What do you feel is the definition of a “disability”?


I completely understand if no one wishes to answers these questions and again, if you wish for your names (blog names) to be anonymous in the paper I will be conducting, let me know. It is also okay if you only want to answer a few and not all. Also, please notice that not all of these questions necessarily are limited to anxiety. Thanks for your time!

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