When You Receive Positive Feedback…Embrace It!

With all the negativity in the world, whether it be due to saddening events that occur or how people treat others, when someone has something nice to say to us, we need to embrace it. Whether or not you are someone who suffers from anxiety and whether you have a high level of confidence or a low level of confidence, we all need to feel appreciated. While we cannot depend on others to give us complements and make us feel good about ourselves, when someone does give us positive feedback or say something positive about us, we must embrace it.

Sadly, it is not often that someone just stops and gives us compliments about our personalities. People may say they like our outfits, our hairstyles, etc, but how often do you hear someone tell you that they like your personality and how wonderful of a person you are? How many times do you hear something about how many great qualities you have? Also, how many times do you tell people how great they are; how much you appreciate them?

Whether you get (or give) positive comments a lot, you need to keep them close to your heart. For many of you who read this blog for help with anxiety you may be wondering what this all has to do with getting through your fears. How is this all relevant? This is relevant because we are NOT defined by our anxiety; no matter what you or someone else might think. We are defined by who we really are.

Often times we are going to have to rely on ourselves for positive self-talk. Like I said, we cannot always depend on others to get through our anxiety or remind us how amazing we are. However, if there are times when people remind you of this; you need to embrace it. Just because you suffer with anxiety does not make you any less wonderful or any less talented. With effort you will get through your anxiety.


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