Continuing to Depend on Ourselves

Depending on ourselves can be hard in times of anxiety, it can be extremely hard but we must continue to try to do so. There are people in this world that may never be able to understand what we go through; may never be able to help and we cannot always rely on others to be helpful, even if they are close to us. We definitely cannot depend on strangers (both for safety purposes and due to unknown outcomes) and sometimes even friends and family members may not be able to help due to being uncomfortable with someone suffering with something they do not comprehend or due to pure lack of support and consideration. However, we do need to learn how to depend on ourselves. Many of us, though, wonder how to do this when often times it is ourselves that cause our own fears; perhaps not intentionally but still we can cause our own anxiety. Here are some ways in which we can better learn to trust ourselves and count on ourselves to get through the toughest of times. This does not mean that we cannot ask for help from others that we trust; only that we must learn to help ourselves as well and understand that not everyone will be supportive.

1.) Practice- Prove to yourself that you can get through these things on your own

a.) Tell yourself that you can get through this; that you are okay and that your anxiety is just making you feel otherwise.

b.) Believe you can get through these things. Remember how you’ve gotten through your anxiety in the past

2.) Search for strength within yourself; you ARE strong. Try to focus on something other than your anxiety like doing what you need to do or something completely different. Think about TV shows you like, books you enjoy, etc.

3.) Breath deeply in and out and try to stretch your legs and arms, reminding yourself that you have the physical and mental strength to get through your anxiety.

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