Thinking Too Much (Yes, there is a such thing)

Thinking is highly essential and important. We need to think to stay alive, to make good decisions, and to challenge ourselves. However, when it comes to anxiety, it is possible to over think.

Yes, I’m speaking about obsessing. When we give into our sabotaging thoughts, we also give into our anxiety. I am not saying that all anxiety is caused by overthinking, but I do know that for some, it is where the problem lies. We get so worried about what might happen that we convince ourselves that something bad will happen before we can even try to prove to ourselves that we can get through our anxiety instead of giving into it.

While I know it is not always an easy task, I have witnessed the fact that sometimes, if you are concentrating on something other than your fears, you don’t even think about your anxieties and therefore, you can enjoy life without even thinking about the what-ifs. Again, I am not saying to abandon your thought process, but to try to make sure that your thought process does not sabotage your success and ability to get through your fears. Thinking positively is the key, not negatively.

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