Concentrate On What You Are Doing, Not How You Are Feeling

I recently received some good advice that I would like to share with all of you who suffer from anxiety. Now, I have heard this advice before but without practice, this particular advice doesn’t always seem to help. As you know, I have been taught and believe that the fundamental principal in getting through one’s anxiety is to practice. Another thing that I have learned that helps is to focus on what one is doing instead of how one is feeling. Now, what does this mean? This means that while you are practicing, find something to keep your mind occupied on that does not involve focusing on your fears. I know this is not easy. There are times when as human beings we have to do things that are less enjoyable. I have been in these situations and know that it is hard to find something that will occupy my mind and when I fail to find that something, I tend to focus on my anxiety instead. However, if you are practicing, say at home or somewhere where you can find something to really keep your mind occupied on, use this something that you are doing to focus on instead of focusing on your fears.

When we focus on how we feel (in this case anxious), we just make ourselves feel as if we cannot get through our anxiety. However, if we focus on something we enjoy and really think about it, we are telling our mind that we have something way more important to focus on than our fears. By doing this, we are telling ourselves that we CAN get through our anxiety and that we CAN change our thought pattern.

Lastly, we must continue to practice. Also, there will be times, like I’ve mentioned, that we do not have something that we enjoy doing to focus on. However, we must try to focus on something positive instead of something negative.

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